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Fitzroy High School offers a dynamic and exciting Instrumental Program that provides students with opportunities to learn how to play a variety of musical instruments. The program also allows students to develop group performance skills by rehearsing and performing in ensemble.

A wide range of contemporary and classical instruments available for tuition include:
Woodwind – Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone
Keyboard – Piano, Electric Keyboard
Guitar – Acoustic and Electric
Bass Guitar and Double Bass
Percussion – Drum kit
Strings – Cello, Violin, Mandolin, and Ukulele 
Brass – Trumpet and Trombone
Piano Accordion
Music Theory – Recommended for students considering doing VCE/VET Music Performance.

To enrol for 2020, please complete the attached agreement. To confirm a place in the Music Program, enrolments for 2020 must be received by Friday 1st November. 

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Student first name

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Student last name

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In which year level will your child be studying in 2020?

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What instrument/s does your child wish to enrol for lessons?
Accordion, Bass (Electric / Double Bass), Cello, Clarinet, Drums (Percussion), Flute, Guitar (Acoustic / Electric), Mandolin, Piano (Keyboard), Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Ukelele, Voice

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What is your child's level of experience with their preferred instrument/s? (beginner, emerging, competent or advanced)

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Has your child previously received tuition or participated in ensembles? (please outline)


As of 2020, all instrumental lessons will be available on an Individual tuition basis. Shared lessons will be available only to beginner year 7 students (or upon express request). Year 7 students intending to undertake music examinations however (AMEB, ABRSM, ANZCA) must be enrolled in Individual lessons.

All lessons are 30 minutes in duration. Each student has one lesson per week. Lesson times rotate once each term. Required study materials include a blank music manuscript notepad and a plastic display folder.

Please note – enrolment in the Music Program is conditional upon a commitment for 12 months, which includes compulsory participation in a Music Ensemble. Fees are payable on a semester basis.  

Individual Lesson Fees: x 20 lessons per semester - $650 per semester

Shared Lesson Fees: x 20 lessons per semester - $330 per semester

Music Theory lesson Fees: x 20 lessons per semester - $330 per semester

Ensemble Fees - $140 per semester

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Which instructional lesson type do you wish to enrol in?

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Parent Agreement

This program is an optional extra program and requires a commitment from parents to payment in advance of student participation. 

• If due to excursions or illness your child misses any more than 2 classes in any given term they will be given the chance to arrange make-up classes, provided the music teacher has been notified a week in advance.
• Make up classes are the sole responsibility of the family and are to be arranged directly with their music teacher.
• Make-up classes will not be available for forgotten classes or if the amount of classes missed does not exceed 2.
• Your child is required to sign an Instrumental Program contract committing them to the program for twelve months. Refunds are not available to students who decide to withdraw from the program during the year.
• All payments are made in accordance with our parent payment policy.

By ticking the 'Agree' boxes I consent for my child to enrol in the Fitzroy High School Instrumental Program in 2020 and acknowledge and confirm my agreement to the following -

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I agree to encourage and support my child in every aspect of their commitment to the Music Program

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I acknowledge that I am the person responsible for the payment of the Instrumental Music Fees associated with the lessons and ensembles for which I have enrolled my child in 2020 and I agree to pay all amounts according to the payment schedule

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I understand that Fitzroy High School makes a commitment to engaging music teachers on a semester basis and that by enrolling in the program I am committing to meet the full cost of fees associated with each semester enrolment.

Payment Options

Payment may be made in full by cash, cheque, cards in person or by phone, or alternatively a payment plan can be established by contacting the school. Payment is available per semester with payment required prior to commencing lessons, i.e. 31 January 2020 semester 1 and 19 June 2020 for semester 2.  Payment methods available are:
·         Cash, EFT or cheque at the General Office

·         Credit Card on Compass

·         Direct deposit to:
         .   BSB - 313 140 
         .   Account No - 12078730   
         .   Reference - your student's name and "Music"

·         Payment plan - please contact the school

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To withdraw from the Instrumental Music Program