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To clarify, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to virtual end users, often called software robots, mimicking rule-based work of human users on existing computer programs. These virtual users execute tasks the way they are taught, smoothly navigating in applications and utilizing various data sources. The software robot will complete the task faster, more accurately and with enhanced compliance.
Artificial Intelligence in turn can support users in ruling & decision making. It is able to quickly process large amounts of data and mimic human behavior by utilizing machine learning models. While software robots need to be taught with unambiguous instructions, machine learning is data-driven and builds its own rules and algorithms.

* 1. Company name

* 7. .How would you describe your current awareness of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

* 8. Have you considered utilizing RPA in your organization?

* 9. If your organization is utilizing RPA, please reply to the following questions. Otherwise, leave them blank.

* 10. If your company is NOT utilizing RPA, but considering it, please reply to the following questions. Otherwise, leave them blank.

* 11. How are you most likely to source and implement RPA?

* 12. Which tasks RELATED TO ACCOUNTING do you perceive take up a lot of time and resources and wish that could be handled more efficiently?

* 13. Could you consider assigning any of these tasks to robotic or cognitive software? If yes, then which tasks? If only partially, please mention that as well.

* 14. What are you expectations regarding cognitive software or AI? What are you mainly expecting the cognitive software or artificial intelligence to solve or improve in ACCOUNTING after applying traditional automation technologies and RPA?

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