Why are we asking these 3 quick questions?

ACCCA, in collaboration with the Foundation for CCCs, has launched a series of bi-monthly webinars for administrators and managers of the California Community Colleges. Your feedback will drive the topics that are presented which will be aligned with district operations from a variety of perspectives.  

These webinars are free, and will continue on a bi-weekly basis throughout the summer.  We need YOU to drive the content for future presentations, and we will focus on what you tell us are the most urgent issues to address.  Please take two minutes now to answer the following three questions:

Question Title

* 1. Based on the work you are doing right now, briefly describe the technical information or training you need help you facilitate the operations in your division/department?

Question Title

* 2. Considering the earlier transition from in-person to remote operations, and now, looking forward to eventually returning back to campus, describe a policy,  process, or a barrier you are experiencing or being challenged by.

Question Title

* 3. Finally, which perspective are you most interested in hearing from as you approach the challenges of your "new normal" regardless of operational area.