About the survey

Voice4Parents is a group of parents and carers of children and young people with a wide range of additional needs.  We represent the wider parental voice to make positive changes to the local Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) services used by families who live in Wolverhampton.  We want to ensure as many parents and carers have the opportunity to share their views and experiences with us.   

This is your opportunity to tell us what day to day life is really like for you and your family, living in Wolverhampton, and how well you feel the SEND services, in Wolverhampton, are supporting the needs of your family.

Having your say will help Voice4Parents get the message across of what really matters to our families, enabling us to provide constructive feedback to help shape future provision of local authority, health and other services.  As well as help the forum identify areas that need improvement and plan this year’s projects, and activities, including focus groups and events. 

This survey will be conducted on an annual basis to see what improvements have been made and we will keep you updated on this. 

This survey will run until Sunday 1st September 2019.  Please tell as many parents and carers about this opportunity to have their voice heard.

Please note, anonymous information from this survey will inform the Wolverhampton SEND Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. Voice4Parents will not share information that in any way identifies individuals.

Please follow us on Facebook….. and head over to our website www.voice4parents.co.uk to find out more and register with us.
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