To understand the COVID-19 vaccine uptake and/or hesitancy amongst rare metabolic patients and get an overview of any side effects linked to COVID-19 vaccination compared to a non-metabolic population.
We kindly ask you (the patient, caregiver or parent) to complete the survey. To ensure that we can compare results with an appropriate control group, we would appreciate it if you could also ask an individual of a similar age with no rare metabolic condition to fill in the survey. A sibling of similar age to the patient who does not have a metabolic disorder would be the ideal control. However, if this is not possible, we would appreciate it if you could gather someone (a friend of the patient or a friend's child of a similar age) to fill in the survey.
Yours and the controls data
All answers are confidential, and your participation is voluntary. We can't emphasise enough how important it is to hear from you. Your feedback is critical to understanding the COVID-19 vaccine uptake and/or hesitancy amongst metabolic patients. Answers will be collected and analysed by the MetabERN central office. The individual responses will not be shared with third-party entities except Survey Monkey, as it is the platform used to conduct the study. The Survey Monkey privacy and cookie policy are accessible at the bottom of the survey home page.
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