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Kindly answer the following questions. The questionnaire is divided into three sections. Please answer the first two sections in English. You can answer the questions in the third part of the questionnaire in Finnish (Osa 3: Muuta palautetta ja kokemuksia).

The information in this report will be used to improve the Fulbright Finland Foundation services, and among other things, to update the Orientation Guide. A copy of this report will also be forwarded to the organizations administering the Fulbright Program in the U.S. If you have any ideas for changes you want to share with us, please state them on the last page of the report.

Fulbright Finland deducts 300 USD from your last grant payment. The remaining 300 USD will be paid to you after you have completed this final report.

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* 1. Grantee Information

Question Title

* 2. Contact information after the Fulbright grant period