Being a Team Player Part B

The 4 types of team members you can hire
Read information on the difference between productive and destructive people
They must win at all costs

They can’t accept any authority

They won’t finish tasks

They reduce everything to a joke

They bullies people

They demand to be the big hero

They make emotional scenes

They do everyone else’s work

They say what people want to hear

They dodge work and responsibility

They won’t face problems directly

They secretly set up conflict
They know what’s important.

They plan their day.

They’re able to get back on track faster.

They know their priorities, and protect them.

They problem-solve.

They arm themselves with the right tools.

They have laser-like focus.

They’re well organized.

They’re disciplined.

They keep learning.

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* 1. Name one  trait of the "Performer"

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* 2. Name one  trait of the "Highly effective Doer"

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* 3. Name one  trait of the "Less Effective Doer"

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* 4. Name one  trait of the "Potential Trouble Source"

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* 5. Name one  trait of the "Suppressive Person"

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* 6. Student Details