We would like to invite you to take this 10-minute survey to help build knowledge on the implementation of corporate governance within micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).
Why should you take this survey?
 MSMEs are faced with the challenge of balancing stakeholder interests and ensuring resilience in business operations in the long-term, while also trying to remain profitable in the short term.
What is this survey about?
  • Understanding how MSMEs adopt corporate governance in the Gulf region
  • Identifying gaps in the implementation of governance frameworks
Who is this survey for?
  • Micro, small, and medium enterprise owners
  • CEOs and Executives of MSMEs
  • Entrepreneurs, employees and Start-up Companies
What will we do with this data?
  • Share results of the survey in an Executive Report
  • Address gaps within governance implementation
By filling out this survey, you agree to share information with the Pearl Initiative and AQ Partners Investment LLC (AQ&P) that will remain confidential and anonymous, protected by a Confidentiality Agreement for the period of three (3) years between the two parties.

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