Workforce Development Survey

The Jamestown Stutsman Development Corporation is reaching out to you as a local business leader.  We are looking for workforce development solutions.  Please provide your input on how to improve the area's workforce by completing the following survey. It should only take about five minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your help.

* 1. What type of business do you operate?

* 2. How long has the business operated in Jamestown or Stutsman County?

* 3. How many people does your business employ in Jamestown or Stutsman County?

* 4. Is your business headquartered in Jamestown or Stutsman County?

* 5. How many open positions does your business currently have available in Jamestown or Stutsman County?

* 6. What employment level are the positions that your business struggles to fill? (May select more than one option.)

* 7. What is the minimum education or training level for the positions that you want to fill? (Select all that apply.)

* 8. In your opinion, what is the most important priority the Jamestown Stutsman Development Corporation should focus on to attract a more robust workforce?

* 9. If your business has struggled to fill open positions, what type of educational programs or opportunities would boost the number of qualified job candidates?  (Click all that apply.)

* 10. Do you believe your business growth is limited due to a lack of qualified candidates for the positions you are looking to fill?

* 11. In your experience, what is the most successful method of recruiting candidates and filling open positions?

* 12. Does your business currently utilize an incentive program to reward existing employees who refer qualified candidates?

* 13. In your opinion, what draws employees to the Jamestown/Stutsman area? (Check all that apply)

* 14. What do you believe has been the most frequent reason people have not accepted jobs in the region? (Select only one.)

* 15. Do you have any suggestions to attract more people to live and work in Jamestown/Stutsman County?

* 16. What is your sex?

* 17. Where did you grow up?

* 18. How long have you lived in Jamestown or Stutsman County? 

* 19. What is your age range?