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As Albertan communities experience more challenging weather like windstorms, freezing rain, floods, wildfires, heat waves, and poor air quality, communities must empower their people with information and support. Often, the most vulnerable community members suffer the worst from extreme weather, so it’s important to ensure they aren’t left behind.
Resilient Rurals is a partnership between the towns of Bruderheim, Lamont, and Gibbons for regional resilience and climate adaptation. We would like to know more about the different types of vulnerability Bruderheim’s community experiences, as well as provide participants insight on just how broad ‘vulnerability’ can be. Surveys like this one can provide a rationale to explore more town services in the future.

Who should participate in this survey? We encourage everyone in the Bruderheim community to participate in this survey and to share it with family, friends, and neighbours.

Part 1 of the survey is designed to gather information regarding your experience with vulnerability. Everyone is welcome to answer Part 1.

Part 2 of the survey is a form to gather registrants with critical vulnerabilities for Bruderheim’s Rural Assist program. Only complete Part 2 if you or someone you know has limited mobility, receive caregiver assistance, lives with a health condition that increases the risk in poor air quality or high heat conditions, and/or requires power or water to manage a health condition.

About Rural Assist: Resilient Rurals is piloting Rural Assist in Bruderheim which is a program that will support critically vulnerable residents during extreme events and utility service disruptions.

Information Disclosure:
  • You can complete the first half of this survey anonymously. You will answer general questions about your potential vulnerabilities (i.e., health issues, housing conditions, energy needs, and workplace conditions).
  • If you choose to complete Part 2 of the survey, you may disclose your name and some contact and personal information for Rural Assist to begin registration for yourself, or a family member or friend. Our team will only use your response to better serve critically vulnerable community members.
  • Physical and electronic copies of the data (where available) will be stored and protected using adequate safeguards, such as password-protected measures.
  • You can skip questions if you wish. If you skip questions, your responses to other questions will still be recorded.

The privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP) protect this information. Permit application information may be shared with internal departments for the purposes of processing the applications and enforcing the Bylaw. If you have any questions about the collection and use of your information, contact the FOIP Coordinator, Town of Bruderheim at (780) 796-3731.

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* 1. Evidence shows a wide range of people can be highly vulnerable to climate impacts and unforeseen events. The following list describes the groups of people who are understood to be at a greater risk because of their health, age, livelihood, and other factors. 

Do you belong to any of the following groups? Check all that apply.

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* 2. It’s important to feel protected and comfortable in your home when storms hit, when it’s extremely hot (25 degrees C or hotter) or extremely cold (-20 degrees C or colder), or during other emergencies. Do you live in a secure and weatherproof home?

To the best of your knowledge, select all that apply:

Question Title

* 3. Emergency preparedness and resilience to natural disasters are becoming increasingly important in rural communities as we begin to experience more extreme weather events like floods, snowstorms, power outages, and wildfires.

Important items for an emergency kit or go-bag
  • Water
  • Phone and charger
  • Prescription medications
  • Non-perishable food
  • Can-opener
  • Flashlight
  • Radio
  • Extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Spare set of keys for vehicles and home
  • Cash
  • Photo identification
  • Blankets and warm clothes
  • Candles
  • Matches
  • Jumper cables
  • Copies of contact information and other important documents

Select the following that apply to you:

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* 4. Did you know?: One in five families across Alberta struggles to balance the costs of energy and utility bills with other household expenses. Being energy-poor may impact living standards and increase the risk of serious health impacts as people are unable to keep their houses from becoming too cold, too hot, or damp.

Even for an average family, there are times of the year when usage is higher and a source of stress (i.e., during the coldest months when energy use is higher for heating and lighting, and during the hottest months when energy and water use is higher for cooling).

Do you or your household ever have difficulty paying the utility bills for the amount of electricity and/or water you need to use?

Question Title

* 5. Many people’s jobs require them to work in conditions that have environmental risks. Some people are required to work outdoors at any time of the year in any condition. Others may work in buildings that aren’t properly equipped to keep them comfortable when it’s extremely hot or cold outside.

Please rate your level of agreement with the following statement: My workplace provides adequate conditions for me to feel protected and comfortable during poor weather.

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* 6. It’s important to be able to rely on your neighbours in a small town. Often, this culture of support is fostered through community events, clubs, and other opportunities to socialize. Having a strong sense of community connection is critical to bouncing back from challenges.

Please rate your level of agreement with the following statement: I have a network of family, friends, and/or neighbours in my community who I feel I can ask for help and support.

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* 7. This completes Part 1 of the survey. Thank you for participating! Please continue to Part 2 to learn more about Bruderheim's Rural Assist program for vulnerable residents and how you can begin registration for yourself, or a family member or friend. 

If you would like to complete your survey at this point, you may submit your responses now.

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