Welcome to the Elwood Town Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important. We hope to hear from all our residents and businesses.

Please complete all pages of the survey.  You may leave any question blank if desired.  The survey is estimated to take 20 minutes. 

Why this survey?
Utah State Law requires cities and towns to create/update a General Plan every 5 years.  Elwood is currently working on a major update to reflect our town's needs and our community vision and goals. The plan seeks to address Land Use, Transportation, Parks & Recreation, and Commercial topics. We love our town and want to maintain the rural and close-knit community feel while making plans to give direction and focus to the inevitable future growth. The town's goal is to create focus and boundaries so that growth in both residential and commercial areas happens in locations and ways that best maintain our town culture and community.  Completing the following survey will help Elwood understand our community's desires and concerns.


Also, any Elwood resident or Elwood business owner completing the survey may choose to be entered into a drawing to win a 70" 4K Smart TV.  See details on the last page of the survey. 
Alternately, there are two additional ways to enter the drawing: 1) complete the survey but leave all answers blank except the last one which registers the respondent for the drawing, or 2) submit your name and contact information without completing the survey by visiting the Elwood Town Hall in person during Business Hours and entering all required contact information on a sign up sheet in the city clerk's office.

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Survey TV Drawing!

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