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Governor's Quality Award
The Governor’s Quality Award (GQA) is a non-profit service organization that helps businesses seeking to gain competitiveness. GQA applicants complete an award application by answering questions about their processes and results. Examiners are tasked with evaluating these responses and providing actionable feedback to assist the applicant's organizational continuous improvement efforts. Applicants are recognized at an award ceremony.

Members of the Board of Examiners are trained to evaluate applications from businesses seeking performance excellence, using a national recognized framework. The evaluation process requires Examiners to work independently and as a team. There are 4 award levels and the top two award levels require a site visit at the applicant's facility. 

All Award and Examiner applications are confidential. Information on the successful strategies of Award recipients is released only after approval is received from the recipients. Examiners agree to refrain from revealing the name of their applicant to ANY individual outside of the Examiner team. This includes discussing the application with other Examiners who served on different applicant teams. The only place it is appropriate to discuss your applicant is within the assigned Examiner Team.

By moving forward with this application, you agree to adhere to the confidentially requirements, to attend the required training, and be an active participant on an Examiner Team. 
If you are a returning Examiner, please click here to complete the Returning Examiner Application.

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