Informal Consultation on the Wellow Parish Character Appraisal Document.  Have Your Say!

As part of the ongoing work on the Wellow Parish Neighbourhood Plan, a Parish Character Appraisal document has been produced and is now published as a draft document on our web site.

A character appraisal describes the distinct appearance and feel of an area. It sets out the main physical features and characteristics that combine to give a settlement or area its distinctiveness and identity. It is an important guide to understanding an area for indicating the types of design that will retain its character. This document forms a major part of our evidence base and will support the policies that will form the core of the Wellow Neighbourhood Plan and will help to preserve and protect the unique character of the Parish.

This informal public consultation is the means for you to provide feedback on this document. The consultation starts on 11-Jan-2021 and ends at midnight on 20-Feb-2021. Responses received after the closing date/time may not be considered.

In the first section please provide us with some information about you. This will help us to understand the input we receive and help ensure that we have responses from all areas of the parish.

The second section has just three questions to provide an opportunity  for you to give your overall view of the document's principles and recommendations. Please complete at least Sections 1 and 2

The third section is for those who wish to give more detailed feedback on specific sections of the document.

Please note: All comments received may be made publicly available and may be identifiable by name / Organisation. All other personal information provided will be protected in accordance with the Wellow Parish Council GDPR processes. For more information on how we do this and your rights with regards to your personal information, and how to access it, please visit the Parish Council Website or speak to the Parish Council Clerk.

Thank you for your help and support in preparing the Neighbourhood Plan. Your feedback is important.
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