Welcome to the IAPF 2018 Defined Benefits Survey

We invite you to participate in our survey. Your feedback is important and appreciated. It should not take longer than 10 minutes and we ask that you please complete this by Wednesday 07 February 2018. Your responses do not require any personal or identifiable details and are recorded in the strictest confidence. If you have more than one DB Scheme, please complete a separate survey for each. Results will be available on www.iapf.ie. If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact Kelley.McMenamin@iapf.ie

The survey needs to be completed from start to finish. The information we are asking for is reasonably basic and relates to:

The size of your DB scheme

The mix of growth and matching assets

The size of your pensioner liabilities

Contribution levels in any DC schemes where the DB scheme is closed to new entrants or future accrual

Types of restructuring or liability management exercises that have taken place in the DB scheme

Details of any discretionary pension increases