The 2016 Shiitake Awards

The 8th Annual Shiitake Awards is here! For 8 years now, the annual Shiitake Awards spotlights the most insane and inane stories surrounding the "sex offender" topic. The Shiitakes is a parody of the infamous Golden Raspberry Awards ("Razzies"), which parodies award shows like the Oscars or Golden Globes. So we are, in essence, a parody of a parody. Our job at the Shiitakes is to spotlight and ridicule the people who use the "sex offender" issue to advance their careers in the worst way possible, as well as spotlighting and deriding their inane ideas. 

This year, we open up voting on January 1st, we open up the voting for each of 8 categories plus a special category. This year, the special category pits two famous victim industry profiteers against each other in our special "Civil War" category, and of course, your chance to determine which state is the worst/ dumbest state in the USA, a.k.a., the legendary ICBS National CHUMPionship. Florida has maintained a stranglehold on this category for much of the existence of the Shiitake awards, but as always, two states have staked their claim for the title. Who was the dumbest politician, newscaster, cop, and wannabe vigilante of the year? What was the dumbest news story or new law of the year? That is up for you to decide. 

Vote for one, and ONLY one, candidate in each of the nine total categories. I know that the decision is hard enough for you, but for the Shiitake Awards Selection Committee (tm), we struggled more to whittle down the candidates to three of the worthiest selections. Vote on every category, and share with your friends. 

Note: This is a project that I enjoy doing because it is fun and a form of stress relief. All joking aside, it is sad to note that I've been running this award for almost a decade and there is an abundance of nominees every year. This award is "just for fun," but it is also useful for advocates because we point out the worst abuses of registered citizens, and these stories are indictments against the registry. Please vote and share, then follow & send nominations to the official Shiitake-Worthy blog at 

-- Thanks for voting!
Derek W. Logue of

* 1. Which of the following bill/new law do you enroll as the DUMBEST NEW BILL/ LAW OF 2016?

* 2. Which politician gets your vote for DUMBEST POLITICO OF 2016?

* 3. Which quotable quote would you quote as the DUMBEST QUOTE OF 2016?

* 4. Which wannabe vigilante will you get revenge upon by voting them for 2016 EVERYDAY ZEROES (Vigilante Fail) award?

* 5. Which of the following stupid stories is most likely to make you exclaim, "Holy Shiitakes?" (In other words, vote for the 2016 HOLY SHIITAKES AWARD, aka Dumbest RSO-Related Story of 2016)

* 6. Which of these reject reporters deserves our Edward R. Moron Award for yellow journalism, aka "WORST NEWS MUTT of 2016?"

* 7. Which of our boys in blue is most deserving of a 21 gun salute as our 2016 "Keystone Kop of the Year"?

* 8. Civil War: Who is the GREATER of these two evils? You decide.

* 9. Finally, which of these states is the dumbest state of 2016, thus most deserving of the ICBS National CHUMP-ionship?