* 1. Information technology is ever-evolving.  It is an ethical responsibility of social workers to be aware of how any form of electronic communication including the internet, phone "apps", social media, etc., may impact their relationships and work with clients, client systems and the workplace.

* 2. What is a barrier a social worker may face to behaving ethically when it comes to electronic communication or social media?

* 3. Name 3 "best practices" you can utilize from this workshop and apply to your own work based on the NASW Code of Ethics and/or ASWB Technology Standards.

* 4. After completing this training, do you believe face-to-face practice or client interactions are any different than practice/interactions via electronic communication? Why or why not?

* 5. Three case examples are provided at the end of the powerpoint presentation.  Choose #2 or #3 and determine
a) what are the ethical concerns in this case?
b) what choice could the social worker have made instead to align more with ethical behavior?

* 6. What is your biggest "takeaway" from this training? Anything you were surprised to learn?

* 7. Thank you for completing this quiz.

Once your results are processed, successful candidates will receive a CEU certificate indicating completion of this online 1.5 social work contact hour workshop. If you have any questions you may email Lana Cook at the USC College of Social Work Field Education Office at LanaC@mailbox.sc.edu. Thank you and we hope you found this beneficial to your work.