“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin, Civil Rights Activist, Writer

Changing the Narrative

Calling all change-makers: activists, parents, writers, photographers, musicians, dancers, painters, filmmakers and anyone engaged in community. Project Pilgrimage’s Fall Civil Rights Pilgrimage, previously open to those who identify as artists is now open to all change makers.

This impactful 8-day experience might just shift your perceptions of yourself, your culture and your history. Join us for a deeply rich experience that dives head first into the racial history of our nation and builds radical community along the way.

One of the critical components of what we do in our work is in the coming home after we have walked in spaces where our history was made. Inspired by the courage of activism and the power of the stories we share and hear, we are bound to share our insights with those around us.

Beginning in New Orleans, LA, we explore the roots of slavery and the art that emerged and thrives today. We travel to profoundly historic places in the American Civil Rights movement; Jackson MS, Sumner MS, Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, and Tuscaloosa AL. We stand in spaces where ordinary people have changed the course of history, we examine stories told and untold, the truth, and the power of a single voice. Along the way we travel with Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Kate LaFayette, Bob Zellner, and Dr. Carolyn McKinstry to examine lessons learned from movement organizing.

This will be a group of 30- 35 adults representing all aspects of our community. Upon return, we will be asking participants to share back through their work. We envision this as an exciting way to move this work into the contemporary discussion and shifting narratives of our time.

Come be a part of this rich community as we study our racial history, explore the fabric of our collective stories, and share in the building of this vibrant experience.

Application deadlines:
Early acceptance: July 12th, 2019
Rolling acceptance: Through August 16th, 2019
*We will accept applications through August 16th on a rolling, space available, basis.


Your application is complete once you have submitted your written submission here, in this surveymonkey. 
We will accept applications on a rolling, space available basis through August 16th, 2019. Applications submitted after the early acceptance deadline will be notified of their selection status within a week of submitting the application. We couldn't be more excited to get this show on the road!

We recommend that you copy and paste questions into a separate word document to answer. Questions answered in the survey may not be saved if you end your session early.

If we can address any of your questions, please let us know. We look forward to your application and to this work together!

Team Project Pilgrimage