Call For Artists

Calling all artists: poets, photographers, musicians, writers, dancers, painters and filmmakers. Fall 2019, we are offering a Civil Rights Pilgrimage with you in mind. We begin with you, the story makers, storytellers, and art makers in our culture. Join us for a deeply rich experience that dives head first into the racial history of our nation and builds radical community along the way.

  • We begin by building a vibrant diverse community, a cohort of artists, to create radical bonds and to take a journey through our nation’s story. Over the course of 5 meetings together, we create a ritual of being, community, solace and joy. In story circles, and through reflection and celebration, we delve into the racial history of our country, the social lessons and structures of our culture, and decipher where we fit in these stories.
  • Next, we travel together on an 9-day journey to the American South. We visit sites and spaces where some of this country’s civil rights history took place, where civil rights activists have pushed forward for change. We pull the curtain back and examine the narratives of our history – both told and untold. We spend time with current leaders and activists and artists, hear stories from the front lines and examine our nation’s truth. We interrogate old narratives and discover new ones. Between these lines, we experience and celebrate the rituals of bonding and friendship, truth and discovery.
  • When we return, you will take it all, everything you’ve seen, all you’ve heard and shared and you’ll bring it all back to your work. You’ll create a piece of art in your field, a project in response to this experience— it might be a photography exhibit about the people in your neighborhood who are disappearing due to gentrification, or a short movie that reflects on the lives of folks normally not seen or understood, a musical mediation on the life of Emmitt Till, or a series of poems that reflects on lives lived in the shadows of the prison system– we are interested in how these truths move you and what your narratives are after you have seen and heard and experienced.
We need your voice, we need your vision, we need your art.

Please inquire with questions regarding the program, dialogue is what we’re all about. Click here to learn more about Project Pilgrimage and the work that we do.

Application Due: July 12th, 2019


We offer a sliding scale cost structure. We ask that you pay what you can afford: $450.00 - $4500.00.

This includes all food and lodging during the pilgrimage trip. After the experience we invite people to consider support for the broader community initiative, Project Pilgrimage.

*Airfare to and from the South is not included in the cost. However, scholarships for both airfare and pilgrimage experience are available.
Community Meeting Dates: 

September 21st, 9-1pm

September 24th, 6-9pm

September 26th, 6-9pm

October 1st, 6-9pm

October 5th 9-1pm

Trip Dates: October 19th – 27th

Reflection and Integration meeting: November 7th, 6-9pm

Arts projects to be completed by March 30th, 2020


There are two parts to the application process. 
Part A of the application process is a written submission here, in this surveymonkey. 

Part B of the application is a submission of your work sent to

Please attend our info session for a more complete explanation about the experience. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 5 - 7pm

Hey all, we are not art critics, nor do we want to be! Rest assured that selection for this 9 day experience, is not a critique of your work. Instead, we are looking for a diverse group of artists in all of the ways that come to mind when you hear the word diverse. We look for racial, economic, and gender diversity, we look for a diversity in the arts and diversity of vision and scope. We will notify all applicants by July 17th. We couldn't be more excited to get this show on the road!

We recommend that you copy and paste questions into a separate word document to answer. Questions answered in the survey may not be saved if you end your session early.

If we can address any of your questions, please let us know. We look forward to your application and to this work together!

Team Project Pilgrimage

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* 1. Please sign up for the Civil Rights Pilgrimage information session.