Revision of Competence Standards

The Medical Radiation Technologists Board is revising the Competence Standards for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Practice in New Zealand.
The competence standards have been specifically designed with the intent to move from a prescriptive to more principle-based model so this is more enabling for practitioners’ day to day practise. This should also provide sufficient flexibility and versatility to be relevant to a variety of stakeholders.

While the standards set out in this document are expressed as entry-level competencies and behaviours, it is expected that all registered practitioners will build on these, as the behaviours of an experienced practitioner will exceed this level. The standards express the minimum knowledge, skills, and professional attributes necessary for practice.
Competence standards demonstrate to the public and other healthcare professionals the key expertise that medical imaging and radiation therapy practitioners bring to patient care, and their role in ensuring the safe and responsible use of imaging technologies.
Taken together, the core elements of the competence standards – that is the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours a practitioner develops through education, training, and work experience – form a competence framework that provides a map for describing the competencies and behaviours expected of medical imaging and radiation therapy practitioners in their daily practice.
The Board is seeking feedback from the medical imaging and radiation therapy profession and other interested stakeholders in respect of the revision of the competence standards.
You can view the draft Competence Standards here.
Please provide your feedback by the close of business on Friday 16 December 2022.