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The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) is keen to engage with its community in the best possible ways. Our initiatives are built with and by a European community of engaged cultural citizens. In front of all challenges Europe is facing and ahead of our next strategic cycle, we ask ourselves some questions and we invite you to participate in this small survey that helps us steer into the right direction in the upcoming years.

What is happening in your local context? What challenges are ahead? What can culture do? What can the European Cultural Foundation do? What can we do together? We are keen to listen and to hear from you. Let’s talk!

It should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete the survey. Your participation is anonymous and your answers are strictly confidential. We will share the results in an upcoming newsletter.
All those who have completed the survey will have the chance to receive one of the packages of publications and reading and writing materials, including a free copy of Common Ground, our upcoming summer magazine.

Please complete the survey before Sunday 5th of May at 5pm CET. Lucky winners will be contacted on the 13th of May to claim their prize.


Thank you for taking part!

the European Cultural Foundation team
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