If you weren't able to join us for the 2nd community workshop or see the preliminary Longmont signage design options, no problem - the online survey is an opportunity to let us know your preferences and ideas regarding the preliminary signage & wayfinding options!
The first part of the survey includes images and descriptions of the 2 design option banners.  Please take a look at these 2 options and record your likes/dislikes for each.  Then use the second part of the survey to choose the option you most prefer.
Your comments and ideas will help us refine these preliminary options into the final draft design.  

Thank you for your ideas & input!

Design Concept A - Primary Gateway - Larger Footprint
The primary gateways are placed near entrances into Longmont - typically along major arterial roads like Highway 119. For this option, a large linear gateway is included in the palette. This larger gateway is created from painted metal fashioned into forms representational of Longmont's western views and flowing rivers.  Toward the top of the sign, the mountain forms are rendered in metal sheets with a patterned punch that allows them to look and feel more transparent and open.  The word 'Longmont' is designed with thick, dimensional letter that are pin-mounted so that LED lighting installed behind the letters allows them to glow at night.  The Longmont logo is recess-mounted within a dimensional metal case formed to fit the shape of the logo, and is illuminated at night with a wash of lighting across the face of the logo that glows from LED's tucked behind the lip of the metal case.  The base of the sign is constructed of structural glazed brick with a stone cap, and hidden uplights that create a gentle glow across the base of the mountain and water forms.

Design Concept A - Primary Gateway - Smaller Footprint
The smaller linear Option A gateway was designed to announce arrival into Longmont in along roadways with lower speeds or where spaces are more constrained. Designed with the same materials and lighting details as the larger footprint primary gateway, this smaller gateway also includes the word 'Colorado' as an option.

Design Concept A - Vehicular Navigation Large & Small Options
Vehicular navigational signs help daylight Longmont destinations and their amenities to drivers. They include the names of Longmont destinations and icons that help illustrate what types of amenities are available at each destination. These signs also include directional arrows that help direct travelers to the destinations. Depending on the speed limit of the roadways, the signs are either scaled larger for high speeds (like 65 mph), or made smaller and shorter as speeds lower.

Stylistically, the auto directional signs promote clarity and contrast by having the directional information rendered in white on a dark blue background. All directional information is auto-reflective so that it can be clearly read both day and night. The base of the signs are glazed brick, and the columnar metal framework of the sign includes squares of tubular metal that each contain a symbol drawn from the Longmont brand of water and mountains and rays of sun. Each of these square blocks allows light to pass between their solid metal lines and waves, ensuring the overall sign retains a light and airy appearance. At the top of the sign, a dimensional pin-mounted Longmont logo is also auto-reflective so it can be seen at night.

Along the narrower sides of the sign, colored acrylic panels are inset behind the metal sign frame. At night, internal light strips running along the edges of the sign illuminate the panels.

Design Concept A - Pedestrian Signage
The pedestrian signage reflects the same materials and details of the other Concept A signage family elements, but these signs are designed to be columnar, 2-sided informational kiosks.  At the base of each sign, there is a larger informational area that can be used to display flat maps, digital directories, walking destinations, interpretive information, public art pieces, or other elements that help orient walkers to Longmont.

At the top of each pedestrian kiosk is an open area that can either be customized with sculptural/kinetic public art, illuminated acrylic panels, or square metal Longmont icon blocks (as seen in the other options in this sign family).  Along the sides of the sign, acrylic panels mounted behind the metal edges can be illuminated internally at night, and the area of town in which the sign is located is named in dimensional lettering.  The rest of the sign is illuminated internally to highlight the art/signature piece at the sign top, and to provide a warm glow inside the sign that draws attention to the metal rows at the bottom.  If electronic informational panels are used on the sign, they will also glow at night.

Design Concept A - Destination Signage
Destination signage is used to mark arrival and entrances to civic locations within Longmont. The signs are designed to contain information relevant to visitors, such as the destination name, address, hours of operation, and amenities. Although a tall version of this sign is shown in the palette, the height of these destination signs will be scaled to reflect the unique needs of each destination.

The materials, colors, and details of this sign reflect the other Concept A signs, including having dimensional painted letters mounted to the rows of metal, and the internally illuminated information.

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* 1. What do you LIKE about Design Concept A?

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* 2. What do you DISLIKE/WOULD CHANGE about Design Concept A?


Design Concept B - Primary Gateway
For the 'B' Longmont signage option, the large and small gateways are simplified into two palette options - one larger and more linear design that can be scaled smaller or larger as needed, and a more vertical option designed to be used where a smaller footprint is desired.  Stylistically, the Option B gateways have a balance between perforated open metal panels that are light and airy, and more solid colored areas that help ground and highlight the informational displays.  The larger and more linear gateway displays the word 'Longmont' in boxed letters with acrylic fronts that allow them to be internally illuminated at night, flush mounted to the front of the blue colored metal backdrop.  Below 'Longmont' the word 'Colorado' is rendered in silver dimensional letters that are pin-mounted to the front of the blue metal panel, and illuminated from behind with a soft glow.  To the left side and in front of the blue metal panel, a silver punched metal panel is nested within a silver metal frame, and supports a dimensional Longmont logo recess-mounted within a boxed frame and illuminated by LED lights that are hidden behind the lip of the frame and which push light across the logo face.  Both the mesh panel and the blue metal panel are mounted to the top of a low glazed brick wall that conceals LED lights that provide a subtle glow up and across the metal panels.  Although the blue panel is shown as a flat blue sheet, the recommendation would be break up this solid expanse of blue within individual metal tiles that would allow this larger colored monolith to have greater texture and richness.  Texturing the blue metal panel through the use of smaller tiles would also help hide wear-and-tear.

Design Concept B - Secondary Gateway
The secondary gateway utilizes the same perforated metal panels and solid/textured blue metal panels to create the larger signage forms.  The logo is also mounted to the perforated metal panels in the same way as it was in the more linear gateway.  For this option, the blue metal elements are mounted behind the perforated metal panel, and accented with small linear sections of silver ledges that dimensionally protrude from the face of the blue metal panel, and help to create a space for a lighter blue accent color band that could either be solid or rendered in frosted acrylic and illuminated from LED lights internal to the blue sign cabinet.  The linear silver dimensional ledges are lit with a slight glow produced from tucking an LED light strip into a routed channel within the metal, where it washes a soft light down onto the blue metal areas.  The glazed brick that serves as the foundation for the sign also hides additional LED lighting that pushes a soft glow up from two linear channels nested between the perforated metal panel and the blue metal panel and in front of the perforated metal panel, highlighting the layering of materials and helping to create an interesting shadow pattern where the perforated metal casts a shadow on the blue metal.

Design Concept B - Vehicular Navigation Large & Small Options
The vehicular directional signs for Option B create interest through the layering and transparency of materials. The perforated silver mesh panel at the edges of each sign is nested within a blue metal case that appears to wrap around the metal mesh. In front of the metal mesh, the solid blue metal panels create a clear backdrop for the directional and informational messaging, and supports the mounting of dimensional silver letters and icons, and dimensional round directional arrow 'buttons.' The Longmont logo is also mounted to the face of the blue metal case, and is detailed as a boxed metal piece that has under-mounted LED lights around the perimeter that push light across the colored logo. On top of and protruding the farthest out from the blue metal panels are two larger metal 'cuffs' - an orange cuff at the top, and a light blue cuff at the bottom. For each cuff, metal letters displaying 'Longmont' and 'Downtown' are cut into the colored metal, and frosted acrylic is back-mounted behind the cutout letters and internally illuminated so the words glow warm white at night. Running along the narrow edges of each sign are letters cut into the blue metal sign cabinet that are defined by under-mounted acrylic panels that are internally illuminated with LED lights (similar to the lettering on the orange and light blue colored metal cuff lettering). Where the perforated metal panel joins into the blue metal panel, an additional strip of concealed LED lights provides a soft wash of glowing light that defines the metal punch at night. All the metal sign elements are mounted on top of a glazed structural brick base with a silver metal cap. Due to space constraints on the smaller auto-directional sign, the logo is flush mounted to the glazed brick face.

Design Concept B - Pedestrian Signage
For the 'B' concept pedestrian signage, a more robust kiosk was designed that uses a combination of silver mesh metal panels and solid blue metal panels to create a double-sided area for displaying a variety of information. Designed to have a 'front' and a 'back' the info kiosk front includes a larger silver mesh panel that is flush-mounted to the front of a blue metal sign case. The City of Longmont logo is mounted to the front of the silver mesh panel, and an informational panel is mounted below the logo. Three other informational panels can be found on the reverse side of the sign, and all or some of the info panels are designed for electronic displays, maps, and interactive directories, if desired. Running along the narrow side of the sign the name of the area in which the sign is located is displayed.

Design Concept B - Destination Signage
The destination signage is designed so the silver perforated metal panel running along the side of the sign is sandwiched by a large solid blue metal box that that mostly rests on top of the metal cap protecting the glazed brick sign base, but which also runs down to the ground on the right-hand side of the sign. All signage information is displayed on the blue metal panel, including dimensional letters and icons, and the City of Longmont logo. 

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* 3. What do you LIKE about Design Concept B?

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* 5. Your Preferred Preliminary Design Option

Please check the box of the design option you like the best.