Nominate now for the VicSRC Executive for 2017-2018; one year that will change your life! 
The VicSRC Executive is the student representatives elected annually to govern the VicSRC. Their job is to represent what is actually being said by students via Student Councils across Victoria. If you are in year 7 to 11 this year, you are eligible to apply.  
To nominate, please complete the VicSRC Executive Nomination Form by Friday 30th June 2017.

* 1. Contact Details

* 2. Emergency Contact Details

* 3. Do you have your school's support to nominate?

* 4. Are you a member of your school's student representative body? (e.g SRC. Note: this does not impact your eligibility to nominate.)

* 5. Can you commit to (tick all that apply):

* 6. How can students be better represented in education? (max. 150 words)

* 7. What do you love about education? (max. 150 words)

* 8. Which quote would you like to have displayed on the screen during your speech at Congress? (20 words or less). This quote should sum up your reason for applying to be on the Executive. 

* 9. What can you bring to the Exec team? (max. 150 words)

* 10. Does your parent/carer/guardian support your application?

* 11. Have you read and understood the information about the VicSRC Executive Nomination Process? (click to follow link)

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