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The Holyoke Community College Experiential Learning Program provides students the opportunity to complement their academic preparation with direct practical academic internship experiences. Combining productive work with an intentional learning component is a proven method for promoting the academic, personal, and career development of students. By sponsoring our students you are demonstrating your commitment to their growth and advancement. We look forward to your collaboration in this important work.


To protect the interests and promote the benefits of an Experiential Learning (academic internship) arrangement for all parties involved, Holyoke Community College has developed this MOU to describe the mutual responsibilities between the College and your organization, hereafter named as "Organization."

Responsibilities of the College
  • Encourage Student Interns' productive contribution to the overall mission of the Organization
  • Certify the Student Interns' academic eligibility to participate in an experiential learning (academic internship) experience
  • Establish guidelines and standards for the conduct of its program and to make these available to the Organization
  • Designate campus-based Faculty Sponsors to assist Student Interns in setting learning objectives, to confer with Organization personnel, to monitor Student Interns' progress, and to assess the academic performance of Student Interns
  • Maintain communication with the Organization, and to clarify Holyoke Community College policies and procedures
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained about the Organization
  • Inform Student Interns prior to the internship that they are not entitled to employment, or unemployment compensation benefits upon completion of the internship experience
  • Enforce any additional rules and procedures that are mutually agreed upon in advance, and in writing between Holyoke Community College and the Organization
Responsibilities of the Organization
  • Provide a minimum of 135 hours of experience related to Student Interns' academic majors unless otherwise noted
  • Encourage and support the learning aspect of Student Interns' academic assignments
  • Provide supervision for Student Interns and, to assign duties that are career-related, progressive and challenging
  • Designate an employee with responsibilities of on-boarding Student Interns of the Organization and its culture; to assist in the development of learning objectives; to confer regularly; and to monitor progress 
  • Make available equipment, supplies, and space necessary for Student Interns to perform their duties
  • Provide safe working facilities, and facilities free from all forms of harassment
  • Ensure that regular employees will not be displaced with Student Interns
  • Notify College personnel of any changes in Student Interns' work status, schedule or performance
  • Allow campus-based Faculty Sponsors to conduct at least one visit to the work site (in-person, email, telephone) to confer with Student Interns and their Supervisors
  • Provide two written assessments of Student Interns' performance, midway and at the end of the experiential learning (academic internship) experience
Terms of MOU
An Experiential Learning (academic internship) arrangement will be established and agreed upon by the Organization and Holyoke Community College. In the event the Organization is dissatisfied with the performance of Student Interns, termination of the arrangement may be requested by the Organization, but only after College personnel have been notified in advance and a satisfactory resolution cannot be obtained. Conversely, the College may request termination of the arrangement for Student Interns not complying with college guidelines and procedures of the College, as long as the Organization's personnel have been notified in advance, and satisfactory resolution cannot be obtained.

Questions regarding the Experiential Learning Program, its procedures, or this Agreement should be referred to: Andrea Picard, Experiential Learning Coordinator, Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, MA 01040, 413-552-2342 or

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