About the Pilot

The Carey Institute for Global Good, Center for Learning in Practice is pleased to announce the Call for Letters of Intent for an evaluation of its US pilot Refugee Educator Foundations course.

This 3-year/300 teacher pilot will be piloted in three states: Arizona, New York, and Washington. 

The objective of the pilot is to develop and test an accelerated teacher training, assessment, and certification for the most essential knowledge and skills (core competencies) for teaching refugee learners.

Each participating teacher (preK-high school) will be provided an integrated online/offline synchronous/asynchronous course (primarily online), personalized support, an ongoing structured community of practice, and free access to curated content.

Targeted Outcomes
·     80% of trained teachers achieve competency
·     50% of trained teachers engage in the online community for at least 6 months following training including using open content, participating in events, and logging in to forums
·     Certified teachers will demonstrate an increase in strategy use in the classroom
·     Certified teachers will demonstrate an understanding of course concepts
·     Certified teachers who have completed the online course will demonstrate higher self-efficacy for working with refugee populations.
·     Teachers who have completed the online course will demonstrate more positive attitudes towards working with refugee populations.

·     Teachers’ beliefs about newcomer students’ potential and abilities in various areas of development, including language and literacy and social-emotional competence.
·     Teachers’ attitudes towards working with refugee and newcomer populations, including families, caregivers, and communities.
·     Frequency and perceived quality of conversations with teachers and others in their school that focus on what was learned in the online course (e.g. dispelling misconceptions about newcomer students, transferring what they have learned from the coursework into the classroom and supporting newcomer students’ education, socio-emotional well-being, agency, and autonomy).

Evaluator Prerequisites for Application
1. The lead investigator shall have deep experience in assessing online/blended learning

2. The letter of intent must include a high-level summary of methods that will be used

3. The Sustainable Learning Framework must be apparent in the evaluation design

4. The composition of the research team must be multidisciplinary representing some combination of assessment expertise in refugee education, work-based learning/professional development, online learning, communities of practice, online data analytics

5. Each letter of intent shall describe the roles and responsibilities of each team member

Award Amount
$100,000 - $150,000 over 3 years

We are looking for an evaluator(s) who will become an integral part of our pilot team, who is innovative, works effectively in a collaborative process, and is excited by the potential of digital approaches to teacher learning. The ideal candidate(s) will have experience working with US schools and school districts and understand the politics and sensitivities of conducting research in this context.

Background Information
About the Center for Learning in Practice, https://careyinstitute.org/programs/education/
About the Refugee Educator Academy, https://careyinstitute.org/programs/education/refugee-educator

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