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What's This All About?

Hello all:

Thanks for taking this one-question survey to share your ideas about what you would wish to see along our Susquehanna Riverfront. Your ideas will contribute to a Resilient Sidney by supporting visioning for vacant riverfront open spaces funded by The Nature Conservancy, our updated Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code and our Local Waterfront Revitalization Program.  Please be sure to also visit the project website at to take our visual survey on specific uses you would like to see in the Village and a short survey on your comfort level with and ability to access online meetings. 

The anniversary of Tropical Storm Lee reminded me of the devastation we endured twice in five years. Then and now, it brings the risk into sharp focus: too many of our most vulnerable residents still live in harm’s way. We must adapt and make way for more water – restore open space and end the cycle of rebuilding. Sidney’s described as “a small community with big plans, turning challenges into opportunities, committed to work with nature to be safe and resilient.”
We can do that - if we share a vision.

We have made progress. We appreciate that getting through the buyout programs has been grueling for many people. But it’s working. We have acquired nearly 100 properties and the Community Foundation donated 68 acres. We added stormwater storage under sidewalks and removed Peckham Reservoir Dam, built safe places to live, helped small businesses and secured
FEMA funds to build the GreenPlain and reconstruct Route 8 culverts. While acquisitions are not complete, some properties are nearly ready to be reused.

Choosing what to do next starts with updating our vision. It's very clear that public space, green space, open streets and recreation play a powerful role in our personal and community resilience. With support of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), we are reaching out to hear your ideas for how publicly owned waterfront land should be reused. I’m convinced that this may be our
greatest opportunity ever to reach a consensus vision and improve quality of life for today’s residents and future generations.

Visioning is part of “Resilient Sidney” that is also updating our Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code.

You have enormous influence over how all of this happens –but only if you participate.

Please contact me for any additional information at Or contact John Redente at

Be well,

Andy Matviak,
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