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WaterNow is committed to celebrating and elevating local leaders who do the hard work of advancing innovative, sustainable, equitable, and climate resilient water solutions in their communities. We believe that exceptional leaders can be found at every level within cities, towns, utilities, and water resource agencies, and that their professional development is key to ensuring our best water future. For these reasons WaterNow has developed the Emerging Leader Awards to recognize and support the next generation of water leaders and help them further their careers.  

The Emerging Leader Awards recognize diverse mid-level water utility professionals poised to take on leadership positions in the coming years. These individuals have demonstrated promise and creativity in advancing meaningful cultural change in the areas of sustainability, equity, or community engagement. Emerging Leaders awardees will receive a $1,500 stipend to support their leadership training and professional development. To learn more about WaterNow’s Emerging Leader Award and eligibility, visit our website at:

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* 1. Please share the nominee's information

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* 2. Is this person a member of WaterNow Alliance?

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* 3. Please provide brief background information about the nominee and describe why you believe they deserve an Emerging Leader Award (or if you are self-nominating, why you do), including at least one specific project or initiative that they (or you) have undertaken. The description should demonstrate:

a.     How the project or initiative addresses sustainability and/or climate resilience, (e.g., the nominee led a program to implement a new green infrastructure program);

b.     If applicable, how the initiative advances water equity in the water space. (e.g., the nominee developed a bill assistance program for low-income ratepayers);

c.     The initiative’s actual or potential impact; and

d.     The nominee’s specific traits and/or skills that demonstrate important leadership potential.

Please include specifics about the leadership role played by the nominee in advancing the particular project or initiative(s) and the nominee’s related leadership accomplishments, if any. (500 word max.)

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* 4. Please submit links to any additional supporting materials such as video clips, newspaper or publication articles, reports, letters signed by supporting policy initiatives, or any other documentation that supports the nominee’s accomplishments and impact. If links to your materials are not available, you may email supporting materials as attachments to (please include the nominee’s name in the subject line, i.e., Emerging Leader Award Materials for “Name”).

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* 5. Your Information (if different from nominee):

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