* 1. Do you think new residential growth should be…?

* 2. Where would you like future residential development to take place?

* 3. Do you feel Residential Cluster Development should be…?
(Cluster Development, for example, is where approx. 20 homes are allowed by Code but the applicant is allowed to build those 20 homes on smaller lots creating clustered housing and a larger percentage of green space is preserved).

* 4. Going forward do you feel residential building lot sizes should be…?

* 5. Do you think new commercial growth should be…?

* 6. Where would you like future commercial development to take place?

* 7. New development and redevelopment in the core Elma Center near the Elma Plaza should be…?

* 8. What do you think the Town of Elma needs most? “Select up to three”

* 9. Would you be in favor of using tax dollars to preserve open space?

* 10. As a resident of the Town of Elma how do you feel about the use of solar panels?

* 11. What type of residential housing do you currently reside in?

* 12. For how many years have you lived in the Town of Elma?

* 13. How old are you?

* 14. How would you rate the quality of life in the Town of Elma?

* 15. Please add any additional comments, suggestions or information you would like to share.