What is a Future Land Use Map?

A future land use map aligns zoning with community needs. The future land use map determines the appropriate locations for uses, establishing the community's vision for where housing, employment and commerce, and natural areas are located. The future land use map is used as a guide for future policy making and a basis to update the City's zoning ordinances.

The proposed future land use map for the City of Ellsworth retains some elements of the City's current land use and zoning maps, but looks to further enhance conservation and rural protection, create transition areas between some zones, and expand the allowable uses in some zones.

Please download and review the proposed future land use map prior to beginning the survey. Survey questions will refer to specific areas of the future land use map.

For more information on the City's current zoning districts, click here.

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Proposed Future Land Use Map

<strong>Proposed Future Land Use Map</strong>