1. Introduction

Electropedia (the “IEV Online”) is the world’s most comprehensive online terminology database for electrical, electronic and related technologies, and contains more than 20 000 terms and definitions.

The aim of the IEV (see the ISO/IEC Directives Supplement – Procedures specific to IEC, Annex SK: http://www.iec.ch/members_experts/refdocs) is to provide precise, brief, and correct definitions of internationally accepted concepts in all fields of activity of the IEC, together with the terms by which these defined concepts shall be known.

The IEV is standardization-oriented, and is intended to help standards writers to prepare IEC standards, and standards users to understand and implement IEC standards. It is also intended to be of help to the translators of normative (and more generally technical) texts.

As its name implies, the IEV is currently managed in the form of a vocabulary; a collection of terms and definitions developed by the IEC Technical Committees (TCs) and Subcommittees (SCs), and harmonized by IEC TC 1. It is accessible to all experts as well as to the general public as a web site under the name “Electropedia”.


IEC TC 1 would like to collect the opinion of the experts in the IEC TCs and SCs and of the staff of the National Committees to check whether there is an interest in further improving Electropedia, in particular evolving it from a vocabulary to a knowledge base in which concepts, along with their properties, are explicitly structured according to their relationships in the related technical fields.This is the purpose of the present survey, which is organized in five sections: Scope and content, Structure, Presentation and interaction functionalities, Overall opinion, and Respondent profile.

The completion of the survey should take no more than 10 minutes and we should be grateful if you would provide answers to all questions.