East Ohio Annual Conference Evaluation 2017

The local church is the most significant arena through which disciple-making occurs. The vision of the EO Conference is to increase the health and vitality of congregations and faith communities so that the places we live and work may experience the good news of God’s grace. We accomplish this by aligning resources to support and strengthen the effectiveness of lay and clergy leadership in making and maturing disciples. Please rate each of the following in accomplishing this purpose:

* 1. Sunday Evening Prayer and Praise Service

* 2. Monday Morning Clergy Session

* 3. Monday Service of Commemoration and Holy Communion - Bishop Malone

* 4. Monday Evening Celebration of Retirement - Bishop Malone

* 5. Tuesday Morning Worship - Bishop McKee

* 6. Tuesday Evening Ministry Fair, Connecting through Mission and Conversation

* 7. Wednesday Morning Worship - Bishop McKee

* 8. Wednesday Evening Service of Commissioning and Ordination - Bishop Malone

* 9. Thursday Morning Worship - Bishop McKee

* 10. Business Sessions of Annual Conference

* 11. Online registration & Registration for special events

* 12. What part of Annual Conference has been the most helpful in equipping you and your church to reach out in the name of Jesus?

* 13. What suggestions would you have to help us design Annual Conference to better equip you and your church?

* 14. Person completing this evaluation is

* 15. Please select which age category applies to you..