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The objective of this survey is to collect information about the current use of telemedicine1 and/or telehealth2 services within wound management. The questions in this survey should therefore only be answered for services focused on wound management.

We hope that you will help us by spending 5-15 minutes to complete the survey (depending on the level of detail of the responses). 

The survey will close Friday 16 October 2020.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important!

Refers to several modalities:
1. Remote consultation (including a visual component) between a patient and a healthcare professional (teleconsultation), or
2. Remote exchange  of data between two healthcare professional(s) (tele-expertise)
3. Automatic data delivery by a machine (tele-check or tele-follow-up)
The overall aim is to support the diagnosis and management of health-care conditions.

The use of equipment to monitor people’s health in their own home. For example: blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate etc. Some of them may be used for medical purposes, others are more orientated towards personal interest and comfort.
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