Committee Descriptor

Voluntary participation in the work of the ETA by all members is crucial to our ongoing success. Participation takes on a variety of forms. An essential function of a democratic process is elections and the work performed by the Elections Committee. While the time commitment of this committee is limited the importance is significant for the successful governing of our union.

You’ll note that the positions are filled by appointment of the President with the approval of the Board. This survey is intended to provide members a means to make their interest known in an effort to continue to broaden the participation rate of rank-and-file members with the operation of their union.

The Chair of the Elections Committee is Holly Yee. Any specific questions you have can be directed to Holly or Richard Johnson, ETA President.

Thank you in advance for considering this work.

For more complete information please refer to the ETA Bylaws. Provided here is the information directly related to filling these vacancies.

ELECTIONS COMMITTEE (from the ETA Bylaws, page 2)


 A. An Elections Committee shall be appointed by the President subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

 B. The Elections Committee shall consist of a Chair and at least four other members and shall not include any member who is currently serving or is seeking an Association Office or Directorship.

C. Any member whose name appears on the ballot shall not participate in the ballot tabulations.

D. The Elections Committee shall be appointed for a two year term.

E. If a vacancy occurs in the Elections Committee, the President shall appoint, subject to approval by the Board of Directors, a member to fill the unexpired term of that position.