The McKinney Center for STEM Education, at the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF), offers a free program entitled “Explore STEM Philly.” Through this program, STEM professionals visit middle and high school classrooms in Philadelphia, and provide interactive presentations (in-person or virtual)  on STEM careers and career pathways. These presentations will be scheduled at your and the presenters' convenience and can cover a wide range of STEM topics and career opportunities.
Please complete this short registration form, through which we can determine your needs, interests, and availability. We will schedule these presentations on a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you! 

Brief Program Description

Explore STEM Philly (ESP) is a free enrichment STEM program provided by the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF). Its goal is to expand access to STEM education and career awareness among historically underserved student populations. Through ESP, PEF staff recruit, train, and schedule STEM professionals to provide up to 1-hour presentations in Middle and High Schools (6th – 12th Grades) within the School District of Philadelphia.