Information about this survey

Primary InvestigatorĀ 
Dr. Laura Ambra Nicolini

Investigative Team
Prof. Malgorzata Mikulska
Dr. Andrea Lombardi

Proposing centreĀ 
Division of Infectious DiseasesĀ 
Policlinico San Martino -IRCCS
Genoa, Italy

To evaluate the current practice of HCV treatment in patients with ongoing haematological malignancies.

Specialists giving advice on HCV direct acting agents (DAA) prescription will be invited to participate in an online cross-sectional survey between September and November 2019. The questionnaire will include clinical vignettes addressing the management of HCV infection in patients with haematologic malignancies, in stem cell donors and recipients.

Expected results
Identification of situations in whom the benefit of treatment of HCV infection is thought to outweigh the risk of drug-drug interactions
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