What they are and how to submit proposals

The ERA-EDTA has three prestigious Awards which are bestowed upon outstanding clinical and basic science investigator members of our society:

Award for Outstanding Clinical Contributions to Nephrology;
Award for Outstanding Basic Science Contribution to Nephrology;
Award for Research Excellence (Clinical and/or Basic Science)

The nomination of these Awards is open to all ERA-EDTA members.  For this reason we invite you to propose names of outstanding colleagues who could be nominated. You may propose a name for each one of the above mentioned Awards by completing separate applications.

Among the nominations sent by ERA EDTA members, the ERA-EDTA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will select the best three for each category and will invite them to submit additional documents to support their candidature.

The final decision about the three winners will be made by the Council and will be based on a rigorous analysis of scientific merits and achievements made by the SAB which will take into accounts standard metrics of scientific excellence.

Before making your proposal(s) please make sure that the colleague(s) you intend to suggest is/are active ERA-EDTA members.
You can easily check this in the “ERA-EDTA Directory” in 'My Benefits' section of My ERA-EDTA digital area.  If cannot still find them, you can contact the ERA-EDTA Membership office for further inquiries.