Important Note: You may have already taken this survey! We are reopening our survey to get more feedback and support from East Providence residents who did not get a chance to take the survey the first time around. 

The City of East Providence is updating its Comprehensive Plan and wants to hear from you!

The East Providence Comprehensive Plan is important because it is used by local officials to guide their decisions, which impact our quality of life. Through the Comprehensive Plan, we clearly state what we love about East Providence, what needs more support to strengthen its vitality and longevity, and what should be transformed to meet our needs as a community.

By completing this survey, we hope to understand the issues important to you and how you want to see East Providence 10 to 20 years from now.

It should take you about 14 minutes to complete the survey. As you read the questions, please think about East Providence as a whole and the needs of all residents today and generations from now. All your ideas are important. Thank you!