Welcome to the Online e-Pollbook Refresher Course

The City Clerk's Office is pleased to present this online Electronic Pollbook (e-Pollbook) refresher course. The course is intended to offer you a convenient way to demonstrate your knowledge of e-Pollbook processes, while also serving as a refresher for you to use anytime prior to Election Day. Use the e-Pollbook Manual when taking the refresher course. The manual can be found on the Clerk's webpage at wyomingmi.gov/electiontraining.

You will not be paid for participating in this online e-Pollbook refresher course. Your answers are not reviewed or graded by the Clerk's Office as this is to serve as a refresher course and not a training session. 

Please note that you cannot use the back arrow to go back to a previous screen. If you do, the program will close you out of the quiz and you will have to start over from the beginning.
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