Please complete the form below to register your EHRA Permeant Faculty employee for an orientation session. If you have already registered your employee and would like to change the session, they are currently enrolled in please do so below and email orientationcoordinator@unc.edu to notify them of the change.
  Zoom invites will go out the Thursday prior to Orientation unless it falls on a holiday then it will go out earlier. Orientation is only meant for permeant employees not temporary. If you are unsure of the status, please email orientationcoordinator@unc.edu for clarification. *

For questions regarding registration please contact the Orientation Program Manager at orientationcoordinator@unc.edu or call the HR Service Center at 843-2300.

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* 1. HR Representative Contact Information

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* 2. Faculty Employee Information

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* 4. *Please note that the ePar must be fully executed prior to the scheduled NEO session* Will the hire ePar be fully executed prior to orientation?