Introduction, Contact Information, & Enrollment Activation Statement

Our EOF program is dedicated to supporting your college success- this includes helping you to chart and adjust your pathway to earning your certificate/degree, assisting you with transfer to four year colleges of your choice, preparing you for workforce entry and workplace success, while also cultivating your interest and ability in demonstrating responsible citizenship.

Our EOF Enrollment Activation policy for all students requires that you complete and submit this form to our program. This form allows you to notify us of your decision to activate your EOF enrollment for the school year, and if doing so, requesting us to process with the Office of Financial Aid your EOF and/or TAG state grants based on eligibility.

In addition, you are providing us information on this years' priorities/goals you'd like to seek assistance in addressing, and indicating if you would like us to contact you to set up an appointment with your EOF Student Success Coach.

Please activate your program enrollment for this school year as we are eager to be of service to you.

Question Title

* 1. Please provide student contact Information.

Question Title

* 2. Do wish to wish to activate your program enrollment for the school year- with the understanding our EOF program will make every effort to promote your college success as we provide you our student support services, and based on eligibility, our state financial aid.