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The development of multidisciplinary guidelines, consensus statements and good practice recommendations to enhance cancer management is crucial. Standardising the quality of care is important for best patient care.

In this survey, we want to determine the current management of hypersensitivity reactions (HSR) of platinum salts and taxane chemotherapy at the clinics in Europe.

A major problem occurring with repeated exposure to chemotherapy with platinum salts and taxane based chemotherapy consists of immediate type HSR. About 5% of the general oncologic population is affected by platinum hypersensitivity and 10% by hypersensitivity to taxanes. Identifying patients at risk of HSR is important to ensure patient safety during the chemotherapy. Desensitization should be considered in patients with HSR to platinum salts and taxanes, as it is a safe alternative to continue the standard chemotherapy. However, usually a shift to another substance category occurs corresponding to a next line treatment option.

This questionnaire contains several questions regarding the management of HSR of platinum salts and taxane chemotherapy at your clinic.

Completing the survey should not take more than 7 minutes.

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ENYGO scientific committee

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* 1. What is your gender?

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* 4. In what type of hospital do you currently work?

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* 6. In which clinic do you currently work? (This question and your answer is only for internal use to prevent a selection bias)

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* 7. What type of gynaecological cancer do you treat?

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* 8. How many years have you had clinical practice in gynaecologic oncology?

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* 9. Are you involved in chemotherapy treatment of gynaecological cancer patients?