What is this "ENCOURAGE Living Will Survey Research" all about?

A peaceful and timely dying...
While NOT most people's favorite topic, when stated as a goal…
this is what most people want for the last chapter of their lives.
What do they NOT want? A prolonged dying with suffering. They also do NOT want a premature dying.

This survey’s “nickname” is “ENCOURAGE” because it asks:
“Will you be ENCOURAGED to complete a Living Will?
And will you ENCOURAGE your loved ones and close friends to complete Living Wills?”
Why complete Living Wills? To feel confident that others will honor the end-of-life wishes you expressed... so you can attain a peaceful and timely dying.

Our goal is to reduce the suffering of millions of terminally ill patients and their family members as much as possible, especially if they face the huge challenges of Advanced Dementia.
When you hit the “DONE” button, you will be directed to a web page where you can ENTER your email address so you can be sent a “Secret Code”; that way, your responses can be anonymous.

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1. Do you want to learn more about Living Wills and participate in this research? If so, the San Diego Dementia Consortium can assign a “Secret Code” to your email address so the Research Team can send you a survey for you to answer anonymously.

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2. Please indicate how you discovered this research about Living Wills.
Select as many items below as apply:

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3. While research is important, our clinicial responsibility comes first, if you need our help.
If completing a Living Will is URGENT for you, or for someone you know,
you can click on the appropriate box below so that someone contacts you soon.

For example, suppose your mother has early dementia.
Some days are good and she is lucid enough to make decisions, but some days are bad, when she cannot.
Also suppose her good days are getting fewer and the time she is lucid is getting shorter...
You may then feel it is URGENT to have a clinical assess her mental capacity to make decisions and to memorialize her decisions NOW regarding what treatment she does or does not want in the future -- while she still can express herself. In that case, click on the first box below.