End-to-End (E2E) Encryption Addendum

To use EMV payments, retailers need to have end-to-end encryption enabled on their Chase Paymentech™ accounts. If you haven’t activated this feature yet, you will not be able to use the chip reader on your iSC Touch 250 terminals.

Use the form below to submit the required information to the Ascend Support Team for filing with Chase. You should receive a response from Chase’s Client Resolution Team to the email address you provide within two weeks of submission with instructions on how to complete the process.

Question Title

* 1. Store Name (DBA registered with Chase Paymentech™)

Question Title

* 2. Retailer Contact Phone Number

Question Title

* 3. Retailer Contact Email

Question Title

* 4. Retailer Contact Name (Person responsible for communication between your business and Chase.)

Question Title

* 5. Merchant Number (Listed as "Credit Card Merchant Number" in Ascend. Also known as the "PNS Merchant Number".)

Question Title

* 6. Business Name (Legal name of business.)

Please verify all provided information before submitting. Besides checking for completion, Ascend RMS cannot and will not verify the information provided before submitting it to Chase Paymentech™

By clicking "Submit", you confirm that you are an authorized agent of the business listed above with the authority to enable end-to-encryption for the provided Merchant Number. You also authorize Ascend RMS to submit the provided information on your behalf to Chase Paymentech™.

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