This survey forms the basis of an application for participation in the Destination Employment program. Your responses will help program delivery partners identify properties with the characteristics needed to meet the objectives of and be supported by the Destination Employment program. Destination Employment assists employers in finding new and dedicated recruits looking for permanent employment. The Destination Employment program will assist newcomers to Canada with finding employment and integrating professionally and personally into the workplace and the community.

This survey should take no more than 30 minutes.

This survey will be answered by properties of various profiles and sizes. If a question is not applicable to your property size or type, simply select ‘not applicable’ if listed as an option or write ‘not applicable’ in the comment section. 

Please be honest and clear in your answers. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers. Your responses simply provide us with the necessary information to identify the best matches for the program. Destination Employment is looking for employers who demonstrate positive and inclusive working environments, which provide the greatest chance for success for both employers and newcomers hired through this program.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All responses are confidential and will be reviewed solely by Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council (NSTHRC) staff responsible for the delivery of the Destination Employment program to assess whether and how this program can support your needs, and Tourism HR Canada analysts, who will review responses for trends and industry-relevant data to inform strategy and initiatives. No property-specific data will be made public or shared beyond these two groups without specific approval by the property. Any data shared will only be reported in aggregate.

Following your Application Submission

Following submission of your completed survey, you will be contacted by NSTHRC. Your application will result in one of the following:

1. You will be invited to participate in the Destination Employment program and asked to take part in a more in-depth review of your property needs and the support that might be provided to you; or

2. You will be provided with a report noting why your property has not been selected at this time. It will indicate some areas that could be strengthened in order for you to apply at a later date if space is available.


If you have questions prior to completing this survey, please contact:
Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council
Tracy Rodgers, Coordinator