The following survey was prepared by the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL). The EFCL is collecting this data to inform a report on Community League preference for managing traffic safety in their neighbourhoods. The survey data will be shared with the City of Edmonton.

Edmontonians have been calling for a reduction in residential speed limits for over a decade. The EFCL also has a long history of advocating for slower speeds and safer streets.

In January of 2020, City Administration will present City Council with new bylaws that may see the speeds on our residential and collector roads reduced.

The City of Edmonton will also be working to create a new version of the Road Safety Strategy. In this new version, more emphasis will be placed on the subjective experiences of community members and their perceptions of road safety within and throughout their neighbourhoods.

As the City of Edmonton endeavors to complete this work that will ultimately improve neighbourhood street safety and liveability, we are asking Community Leagues to bring their local knowledge to the discussion. We want to know how improved traffic safety can improve neighbourhood liveability within your community.

If you haven't read the EFCL's Street Safety Handbook yet, find it here.

At the request of some Community Leagues, we have extended the deadline for the survey until December 1. We will share neighbourhood level data as well as city-wide data back with Community League executives by December 18. For more robust neighbourhood data, please share this survey widely.
The survey will take you between 15 and 20 minutes to complete.

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