Question Writing

Individuals who are interested in writing questions for the CHIA Examination need to complete this form stating their interest in doing so and which competencies they would like to write questions for.  

The CHIA Examination is based on the Australian Health Informatics Competency Framework (insert link) and questions need to link to a specific competency and the corresponding BLOOM level.  There are 52 competencies which fall within 6 Competency Domains, these domains are as listed below:
  • 1. Information and Communication Technology - 5 competencies 
  • 2. Health and Biomedical Science - 10 competencies
  • 3. Information Science - 8 competencies
  • 4. Management Science - 5 competencies
  • 5. Core Principles and Methods - 20 competencies
  • 6. Human and Social Context - 4 competencies
The CHIA program coordinators will supply you with material to guide question development and you will be asked to submit the preliminary question(s) for the CHIA Examination Committee (EC) consideration.

You do not need to have completed your CHIA Examination to write questions in your chosen area of expertise. 

There are three ways you can participate in this group and earn CHIA CPD points.