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Attn: Church Leader

Your important work in your church inspires us! Thank you. If you have several minutes, we'd appreciate your input on topics and issues for a proposed new book from ECFAPress, "Lessons From the Church Boardroom."

Your comments will be kept confidential, so don't hold back. Your insights on critical church boardroom issues will be invaluable to the book's authors and, we pray, also extremely valuable to you and your church board.

Thank you!

Dan Busby, President

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* 1. TITLE. Please check your title:

* 2. BEST PRACTICE. In one sentence (if possible!), share one best practice of your church's governing board. If you have more than one governing board (elder board, deacon board, etc.), pick the one best practice of any board.

* 3. WORST PRACTICE. In one sentence (try really hard!), share one "worst practice" you've observed from a recent church board meeting. (Reminder: this will remain confidential!)