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Thank you for your collaboration. The goal of this survey is to understand better the accessibility of emergency contraception in pharmacies in Europe. By responding to this questionnaire, you will help us gather valuable information about the pharmacies near you.

Instructions on how to respond the questionnaire:
First of all, make sure to read all the questions and go through them before you go to your visit. When you are ready, walk into the pharmacy, and tell the pharmacy staff that you want to know what emergency contraception (EC) choices they can offer you. If they ask, you can say that you don’t need to buy EC pills right now, but you want to ask a few questions about how EC is available to you just in case you need it. If you want, you can explain that this is a survey done by the European Consortium for Emergency Contraception (ECEC) and the European Youth Network on Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YouAct) with no commercial purposes. Fill in Section 1 before entering the pharmacy then complete the rest of the questionnaire as soon as you walk out, so that you don’t forget anything. 
Please go to as many pharmacies as possible. If you go on vacation to a different town or country in Europe, ask there too! The first time you do this it might feel strange, even a bit embarrassing. However, you will feel better as you go. Please keep in mind that you are asking for information that you are perfectly entitled to have! So…Get ready and go!
If the pharmacy staff asks you to stop what you are doing, please stop and report your experience in Question 12. If they ask for more information about the survey, you can refer them to or our websites ( and Alternatively, you can ask for their email address and we will be happy to inform them about this project.  
Everything you report to us is confidential; we will not use your name, or the name of any pharmacy you tell us about, in any reports or publications. However, at the end of the survey we ask if you would like to be listed: we want you to get credit for helping with this project! If you do not want to be listed as having collected information for us, that isn’t a problem.
Thank you in advance and please email us ( if you have any questions. A research team from the University of Ottawa (Canada) is providing technical and logistical support for the survey and obtained ethical approval to conduct this survey throughout Europe. You can also reach out to Dr. Angel M. Foster ( if you have any questions.
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