DuPage County FY2018 Budget Survey

* 1. As DuPage County seeks to enhance the quality of life for our residents, please select which three services are most important to you.

* 2. For the past seven years, the DuPage County Board has kept the property tax levy the same, and worked to keep costs low.   If reductions in state or federal funding become a reality, how should the County respond?

* 3. Through its Accountability, Consolidation and Transparency (ACT) Initiative http://www.dupageco.org/CountyBoard/Chairman/36740/, DuPage County leaders have worked to share services with other units of government and to dissolve smaller, duplicative agencies, saving taxpayers a projected $120 million.  Do you support the County Board's continued implementation of this initiative?

* 4. Do you support the idea of folding the duties of the DuPage Election Commission into the DuPage County Clerk's office as a way to streamline County services and reduce costs?

* 5. What is your impression of DuPage County government?