1. Use your voice to shape the new City Council districts

Philadelphia has 10 City Council districts that must be redrawn when new population data becomes available from the Census every 10 years. Their shape can determine who has a voice in the political process, including who can run and win public office. The districts can also directly impact how you are represented in government and how a range of important issues are addressed, from public safety and schools to land sales and zoning. Communities that are split between districts, for example, have their voice and power diluted. This is our opportunity to keep communities together during this redistricting process. Learn more at: www.seventy.org/drawphilly

Complete this survey to share what matters to you in the Council redistricting process. Responses will be anonymized and shared with City Council for their consideration as they draw new districts.

Thank you for taking the time to use your voice in the redistricting process!

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* 3. Have you ever been involved in giving input to a redistricting process before?