SHAPE America is proud to champion and safeguard the National Health Education Standards (NHES), which serve as the foundation for high-quality school-based health education programs that support students’ health literacy and are a critical part of a well-rounded education.

SHAPE America was a leading member of the coalition that originally developed the National Health Education Standards, which were released in 1995 and revised in spring 2007. In 2020, SHAPE America obtained the copyright to the National Health Education Standards, which includes all derivatives and revisions.

Over the past two years, SHAPE America’s National Health Education Standards Task Force has explored the research and solicited feedback from collaborative partnerships, committees, researchers, and public surveys to the HPE community.

The task force is excited about garnering feedback from educators and stakeholders across the school-based health education field during this second and final round of Public Review and Comment.

Documents for Public Review
The task force developed this second draft based on feedback from the HPE community, which includes the first round of Public Review and Comment this past spring. This document includes:
  • Draft Standards
  • Rationale Statement for Each Draft Standard
  • Performance Indicators by Grade Span
Your feedback will inform the task force regarding revisions or concepts they might feel necessary. The revised National Health Education Standards will be released at the 2024 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Cleveland next spring, as will the new National Physical Education Standards.
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