Downtown Lakeville is undergoing a process to update the Downtown Development Guide. The community is invited to provide feedback regarding opportunities, assets, and issues that may affect the future of the Downtown. The results of this questionnaire will help to inform the Development Guide. Thank you for your time in completing this survey!

Existing Project Area Map

Existing Project Area Map

* 1. Are you a resident, business owner, or property owner in the downtown (the area outlined above in orange)?

* 2. How long have you been in Lakeville?

* 3. What are the issues facing Downtown today?

* 4. Conversely, what opportunities should be leveraged moving forward?

* 5. What elements/features make for a strong Downtown?

* 6. What is distinctive about downtown today? What prize elements/features does downtown Lakeville possess to leverage moving forward?

* 7. Fast forward 10-15 years. What do you envision for Downtown Lakeville?